Remove Unused JavaScript and CSS WordPress

How to remove unused javascript and css in wordpress

How to Remove or Reduce Unused JavaScript and CSS in WordPress?  When you use PageSpeed Insights to check your Site, you will see a suggestion to remove unused JavaScript and CSS in your PSI Report. Because Unused JavaScript and CSS files can hugely affect your site’s performance and user experience. The main metric involved in […]

How to Reduce Largest Contentful Paint in WordPress

how to reduce largest contentful point

Largest Contentful Paint – LCP is one of the three important factors of Core Web Vitals, it measures the time it takes to load a page’s content. Google takes Core Web vitals as a measure to determine the user experience on your Site, thereby deciding your Site’s ranking on Google’s Search Engine. So you have […]

Core Web Vitals – How To Optimize Your WordPress Website For LCP, FID, and CLS


What are Core Web Vitals and How To Optimize Your WordPress Website For LCP, FID, and CLS?. First, let’s find out. 1. What are Core Web Vitals? Core Web Vitals are three metrics that score a user’s experience loading a webpage and decide your website’s ranking. These metrics score how quickly page content loads – […]