How to find a niche keyword that can make money?


 How to find a niche keyword that can make money?

  • A keyword must be able to make money

You can see big markets or niches like: make money online, lose weight, and affiliate marketing… But you shouldn’t use such general keywords.

Since you build a blog to make money without paying for advertising, you need to have more specific and narrower keywords and still have to be able to make money. In other words, that keyword must be related to the product you intend to sell.

Some keywords can be attached with words like free download, torrent, Rapidshare… these keywords seem to have no effect on making money, but these people will not find the free download file and they are willing to pay.

Broad keywords such as camera, weight loss, the mobile phone will have high competition and you need to narrow it down such as: what brand camera, how many steps to lose weight, or iPhone…

How to find a niche keyword that can make money
In short, here are the three keyword rules:

– It must be related to the target market and closely linked to the product you sell.

– Long-tail keyword must consist of 3 or more words. Short keywords with 1 or 2 words will have high competition.

– And finally, that keyword must have over 2000 searches per month.

Let’s take a look at rule 3: keywords must have at least 2000 searches per month. 

This search volume can be up to you to decide, but personally, the more traffic, the more money. The more searches, the more visitors there will be and that means more potential customers. Therefore, there is a chance to earn more money.

This rule has helped me get many leads without losing a dime. Taking the time to research niche keywords is extremely important for your blog.

On average, if you build a blog based on keywords that have about 2000 searches per month, your blog will earn $250-$340 a month. In addition, having a blog that makes money depends on a number of other factors, not only search volume.

I usually spend more time searching for keywords and my blog makes more money. I come up with new keyword ideas that I will share with you in the next lesson.

Keyword research is extremely important. Do your best with it, search until you find a keyword that meets the criteria: monetizable, search volume more than 2000 times per month, and low competition.

Building a blog to make money in this way, on average, for about 6 months, you will make money. So try your best and you will make it.


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