How to Speed Up Your Website and Improve Core Web Vitals

How to Speed Up Your Website and Improve the 3 Core Web Vitals

How to Speed Up Your Website and Improve Core Web Vitals? A fast and secure website is one of the important factors to the success of a website. Users who come to your website first want to experience a fast, safe website and then the content.

How to Speed Up Your Website and Improve the 3 Core Web Vitals

If the slow loading of your page makes the user experience bad in the first place, they will leave and look at a competitor’s website.

Furthermore, Core web vitals which Google uses as a ranking factor: LCP, CLS, and FID. So you should take some serious steps to reduce your page loading time and boost website speed. A faster website adds more value to your traffic-building efforts and opens new opportunities for your business.

1. Fastest WordPress Hosting Providers

A website host is the backbone of any website. When you search for WordPress hosting providers on the Google search engine, you will get millions of results returned. Every WordPress hosting provider says: They are the best WordPress hosting provider. So it’s really important to choose a fast and stable hosting provider for your website.

1.1 Our recommended The 3 Fastest WordPress Hosting:

We recommended the 3 fastest WordPress hosting providers in 2021 based on Pingdom Load Times, TTFB, Server Response Times, GTmetrix Load Times evaluation.

  1. Cloudways WordPress Hosting
  2. WXP WordPress Hosting
  3. Kinsta WordPress Hosting

why i use Cloudways

2. Choose a Fast Loading Theme

Some WordPress themes are packed with a huge number of plugins and unlimited settings to beautify your site as you like. The excessive load will create an increase in your page loading time.

If you are facing a performance issue, try to change your theme first. If you are unable to do it on the live site, create a staging site and activate a default theme like Twenty-Twenty. Check your staging site’s speed using GTMetrix. If it loads fast, consider changing your main theme.

3. Avoiding Slow WordPress Plugins 

Avoiding Slow WordPress Plugins will make your Site load faster and improve your Core Web Vitals score.

The most common issue is when people try to run slow-loading plugins on shared hosting (especially WooCommerce, WPML, or even Elementor). If you absolutely need to run these plugins, skip the Shared Hosting (yes, including SiteGround) and go straight to Cloud Hosting.

Most Slow WordPress plugins include page builders including Elementor, social sharing, statistic, slider, portfolio, calendar, chat, contact form, related post, sitemap, Jetpack, WPML, WooCommerce, and any plugin that runs ongoing scans or processes.

You can see a list of WordPress Plugins that Slow Down your Site  


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