How to write a great and honest product review blog post to make money with affiliate marketing?

 How to write a great and honest product or service review blog post with a high conversion rate to make money with affiliate marketing is an ultimate challenge for a blog review writer.

Hey, I’m David Pakman. Today I will share with you how to write product review blog posts that make money.

The product review blog posts include the following steps:

– Introduce who you are.

This is how to create a relationship between you and your readers (potential customers), as I just said above.

– Why are you writing this product review?

You have to give the most natural reason as if you were a hero and not mention the sale in the review. For example: why am I writing this product review. Before I bought this product I also searched and read a lot of reviews about it, but all of those reviews don’t really tell the truth about the product. That’s why I decided to write a review for people like me before. (You are like a Savior, a Hero).

– Challenge the reader with sentences like:

In this review, I will share in detail the pros and cons of the product, and if you don’t want to read on, it’s not for you.

– You provide basic information about the product, its features, advantages, and disadvantages of the product. You need to keep your reviews fact and short; sometimes you have negative product reviews.

– Who is this product suitable for?

This is one of the most important pieces of content in your product review blog post.

In this section you need to answer three important questions:

  • Who are they?
  • Why are they looking for that keyword on the search engine?
  • What do they want?

This is important content for you to attract potential customers with a high conversion rate.

You have to know who they are, are they male or female, are they married or single, what is their average age, how do they visit the website?

Next, why are they searching for that keyword?

That’s the problem they care about; they need to find a solution to that problem. So you need to reconfirm with them about their problem, bring out the negative effects of that problem around their lives. For example, They search for the keyword “weight loss “, then negative effects such as the risk of diabetes, heart disease, loss of self-confidence, social scorn, or especially no longer attractive to the opposite sex. Etc.

In the end, they certainly want to find a solution to the problem they face.


– Final thought: Give your point of view and direct potential customers to the sale page. Here you will have offers for Upsell and Downsell on the Sale page.

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