How to Write a Killer Presell Page for Your Blog?


Why do we have to build a presell page? Because if your blog has a lot of visitors but you don’t have a presell page with good and attractive content, the click-through rate of your Affiliate Marketing links is very low. This leads to a low purchase rate and you are missing out on making money from these visitors.


Preselling is an art because it not only makes visitors click on the marketing link but also makes them want to skim to the sale page to buy your product.

Imagine, the content you write, your images, and your videos, it will drive the conversion rate immensely. Now I will explain in detail step by step the presell page content for you, it is really worth like gold coins.

The basic steps for writing a Killer Presell Page are asking questions like:

  • Who are they?
  • Why are they searching for that keyword?
  •  And what do they want?

Who are they?

Who are they, Are they married or still single, their average age? How experienced is that audience with the internet?

Why are they searching for that keyword?

Usually, they have a problem and want to find a solution to that problem. You need to recognize the problem, how the negative effects of that problem surround their lives. This is considered to confirm their fears. For example, I want to make money online, so my problem is if there is no money to pay an electricity bill, water bill, etc. Another example is I want to lose weight, so the problem is that I’m overweight and the negative issues around me are: I’m despised by society, I lose confidence, and I’m no longer attractive to the opposite sex, etc.

And what do they want?

Are visitors looking for basic information? to find reviews, guidelines to solve their problem? So you need to write content that is exactly what they need. If they find one thing and your blog is about another thing, they will lose patience and leave your blog immediately and never come back to your blog again.

You must provide quality content about the solution and presell them at the same time. Answer all the questions above, it will help you understand your visitors better and your conversion rate will increase.

All you need to do is: focus on the customer’s problem, what they want, confirm their pain and lead the visitors to the sales page. That is How to Write a Killer Presell Page for Your Blog.

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