Top 3 Fastest WordPress Hosting Providers for Your Website


Finding the fastest WordPress hosting provider for your Website is the first thing to do before building a website or Blog. Currently, there are many WordPress hosting providers, but finding the fastest hosting providers that will help improve Core Web Vitals and good user experience is difficult.


Today, we will talk about the 3 fastest WordPress hosting providers in 2021 based on Pingdom Load Times, TTFB, Server Response Times, GTmetrix Load Times evaluation.

GTMetrix and Pingdom let you evaluate your Site from around the world and check your Site speed. If it is too slow, you should change the Theme, remove Plugins, and remove unused CSS and JavaScript. Especially have a WordPress hosting really fast.

Let us get started.

1. Cloudways

Cloudways is the fastest WordPress hosting provider, different from Siteground (shared host). Cloudways combines with 5 cloud storage providers to provide hosting services to customers.


Cloudways servers are located in more than 60 cities around the globe helping you to choose data centers close to your target audience to deliver your website content to them faster.

1.1 Pricing

Cloudways has more than 25 subscription plans. Their basic plan starts at $10 per month.

You can choose your Cloud Provider: DigitalOcean, Linode, Vultr, AWS, Google Cloud with Standard or Premium.

1.2 Why I use Cloudways Hosting

Everyone’s trying to improve core web vitals. Speed is the main reason I use a host. Features, support, and price are important, but give me those load times! That (and price + CPU limits) are why I moved from SiteGround to Cloudways.

why i use Cloudways

2. WPX Hosting

WPX Hosting is another fastest WordPress hosting provider. It is secure and best for WordPress websites and blogs.

WPX wordpress hosting

They host websites on high-speed SSD servers with the most modern technologies and optimization practices. WPX Hosting engineers have developed a lightning-fast, custom CDN (WPX Cloud – The same Cloudways) to deliver a smooth browsing experience on your pages. Having over 26 global edge locations, it can accommodate user requests around the world and skyrocket your rankings.

WPX hosting price

Unlimited expert migrations are a major advantage of WPX Hosting. Their migration experts can transfer all your websites to WPX servers freely. After creating your account, submit a migration request with your login credentials and they will do the rest. It will take a couple of hours depends on your website size.

3. Kinsta WordPress Hosting

Kinsta is the name ranked 3rd in the top 3 Fastest WordPress Hosting in 2021. Kinsta is powered by Google Cloud Platform, data is distributed through Google Cloud’s Premium tier network. In addition, all Kinsta hosting plans come with CDN integration which improves fast page loading and a good user experience.

kinsta wordpress hosting

You can choose from 28 data centers worldwide to store your content close to your website visitors. Their CDN provider, Cloudflare, has a network that spans almost 200 cities in more than 100 countries. It’s available at no extra cost in your Kinsta plan.

3.1 Pricing

Kinsta has 10 subscription plans- Starter, Pro, Business 1, Business 2, Business 3, Business 4, Enterprise 1, Enterprise 2, and Enterprise 4.


Starts at $30/mo
1 website
10 GB SSD storage
25,000 monthly visits


Starts at $60/mo
2 websites
20 GB SSD storage
50,000 monthly visits

Business 1

Starts at $100/mo
5 websites
30 GB SSD storage
1,00,000 monthly visits

Business 2

Starts at $200/mo
10 websites
40 GB SSD storage
2,50,000 monthly visits

Business 3

Starts at $300/mo
20 websites
50 GB SSD storage
4,00,000 monthly visits

Business 4

Starts at $400/mo
40 websites
60 GB SSD storage
6,00,000 monthly visits

Enterprise 1

Starts at $600/mo
60 websites
100 GB SSD storage
1,000,000 monthly visits

Enterprise 2

Starts at $900/mo
80 websites
150 GB SSD storage
1,500,000 monthly visits

Enterprise 3

Starts at $1200/mo
120 websites
200 GB SSD storage
2,000,000 monthly visits

Enterprise 4

Starts at $1500/mo
150 websites
250 GB SSD storage
3,000,000 monthly visits

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Hope the top 3 Fastest WordPress Hosting in 2021 helped! Drop me a comment if you have questions.

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