VultrHF Vs SiteGround – Which is the best Cloud Hosting?

Vultr HF vs SiteGround

Vultr HF Vs SiteGround – Which is the best Cloud Hosting?  There are many reviews and comparisons of WordPress Hosting such as:

  • SiteGround vs Cloudways
  • Vultr vs DigitalOcean
  • Vultr vs Bluehost
  • Vultr vs Linode
  • Vultr vs A2Hosting
  • Vultr vs Microsoft Azure
  • Vultr vs GoDaddy


  • SiteGround vs DigitalOcean
  • SiteGround vs Bluehost
  • SiteGround vs Linode
  • SiteGround vs A2Hosting
  • SiteGround vs Microsoft Azure
  • SiteGround vs GoDaddy


In this article, we will review Cloudways Vultr HF vs SiteGround and Which is Better for WordPress Hosting?. Let’s begin.

Vultr HF vs SiteGround

Cloudways Vultr High Frequency is who I migrated to after SiteGround and I have a killer GTmetrix report with a <200ms TTFB. They were the fastest host in my speed test (you can use to see the speed of a $13/month VultrHF plan) and are highly recommended in the WordPress Hosting Facebook Group. They’re also #1 in most recent Facebook polls with a 4.8/5 star TrustPilot review. Cloudways is monthly pricing which is very rare with hosting. They also do free trials and free migrations, plus they just released Vultr High Frequency which is supposed to be even faster than DigitalOcean. There is no comparison between Vultr HF and SiteGround.

I recommend joining the WordPress Hosting Facebook Group to get real, unbiased hosting opinions. The main 2 reasons people are hesitant about Cloudways is that it’s “too technical” and their support isn’t as good. But it’s actually not technical at all (I will show you) and their support is now actually very good which is why their TrustPilot reviews have been going up.

1. Cloudways Vultr HF Blows Away SiteGround

Cloudways just released Vultr High Frequency servers starting at $13/month (I recently switched from DigitalOcean to Vultr HF).

If you know anything about hosting, it’s likely the fastest option available. With 3.8 GHz processors and NVMe storage, Vultr says this is about 40% faster than their standard hosting.

I highly encourage you to clone your website using Vultr HF and see the speed difference. It’s built to handle resource-hungry plugins (WooCommerce, Elementor, etc) with low latency. Vultr High Frequency was also the fastest WordPress host in my performance test (see below).

Cloudways Vultr High Frequency

Cloudways Vultr High Frequency hosting

2. Cloudways Vultr HF vs. SiteGround Speed Tests

SiteGround has some of the slowest TTFBs as reported by Backlinko.

This was a simple Pingdom test I did to measure the load times of 16 WordPress hosts. I installed the same Astra Starter Site on each hosting plan while measuring load times in Pingdom for 1 week at 30-minute check intervals. I canceled some of them because it was getting expensive, but the Cloudways and SiteGround demos are still live (see below). Even when clicking through their pages or running your own tests, you can see a major difference in how quickly they load.

3. Here are the Cloudways Vultr High Frequency Reports from GTmetrix

Cloudways Vultr High Frequency report

Cloudways Vultr High Frequency GT reportCloudways Vultr High Frequency GT report

4. Here are the SiteGround GrowBig Reports from GTmetrix


Siteground hosting report

Siteground hosting report

The average TTFB from GTmetrix for Cloudways Vultr High Frequency was 187ms and SiteGround GrowBig averaged 884ms, a 697ms difference.

5. Here are the Cloudways Vultr HF vs SiteGround Speed test Reports from KeyCDN TTFB, Webpage Test TTFB, Pingdom Load Time, WPHPC Plugin, Search Console.

Cloudways vs Siteground Speed Test

6. Data Centers – Cloudways has 65+ vs Siteground’s 6

Cloudways has 60+ data centers between all their cloud hosting providers.

The Ultimate managed Cloud Hosting Platform

  • 5 LaaS Providers
  • 65+ Datacenters
  • 13+ Applications


SiteGround only has 6 data centers:


7. Cloudways VultrHF vs Siteground – Cloudways is Better (Winner)

7.1 SiteGround Pros and Cons

  • More user-friendly
  • Cloudflare is 1-click activation
  • You don’t need WP Rocket (use SG Optimizer)


  • CPU limits
  • Very slow TTFB
  • High renewal prices
  • Frequent price increases
  • Requires 1-3 year contract
  • No plan between GoGeek and cloud
  • Their cloud hosting is complete garbage
  • Site Tools can be hit or miss if you don’t like it
  • Support pushes upgrade more than they used to


7.2 Cloudways Pros and Cons

  • Speeds are faster
  • They’re usually cheaper
  • Monthly payments, no yearly contract
  • You shouldn’t have to worry about CPU limits
  • Choice of 5 cloud hosts, not just Google Cloud
  • You can add server resources and storage as-needed
  • Choice 25+ data centers between all cloud hosting providers
  • Support is very helpful as reflected in their TrustPilot reviews
  • No hosting option under $13/month
  • Not always as user-friendly as SiteGround
  • No email hosting (but they do have SMTP + Rackspace options)


Overall, Cloudways Vultr HF is faster, cheaper, and support is just as good as SiteGround. Cloudways also has a better reputation in the WordPress Hosting Facebook Group.

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